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Ellie Wood Page Keith


First woman to have city street named after her; horseback riding teacher.


Visitor Comments:

ann carr craddock says - September 15, 2012

The days I spent at ELLiewood’s barn were [and still are] some of the best time’s of my life. I made friends that I have had for over 35 years now!! Here’s to making hay forts and Joe telling Elliewood EVERY time. Here’s to galloping down the side of the Farmington golf course and riding to shows in Little Elliewoods van at what seemed like mach 1; here’s to Bingo and Fiddle and Bootus and Mohabi and Little John and Ouija and Happy and Puffy and playing cowboys and indians on observatory mtn; here’s to YOU Elliewood—-thank you, I really miss you.  [oh by the way, all these memories flooded back when I saw this painting-awesome!!!!

George Eager says - November 20, 2014

Elliewood taught both me and my father to ride, and I feel it a special privilege and mark of distinction to have been put in the saddle by the one who, already in 1955, was of mythic reputation.

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