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George and Ruth Maverick


Friends of Francis Brand; Lynch and Maverick originate from their family name.


Visitor Comments:

John Hlawatsch says - November 17, 2009

The above picture is of my great uncle and great aunt.  They owned and lived at Shepard’s Hill Farm (I believe that was the name of their piece of land) outside Charlottesville.  I visited them one time in 1969 and saw them one more time in National City, CA when they were visiting Newell family members living in Southern California.  Ruth Newell Maverick was my mother’s aunt.  Great Uncle Gorge (as he was called), was related to Samuel Maverick of San Antonio, TX where the name for unbranded cows got the name “mavericks”.

Hugh Maverick Haller says - December 15, 2009

These are my Grandparents. I spent many summers and school vacations at their “farm” South of town. Grandpa was retired from the Standard Oil Co and a professor at UVA where he helped start their school of business. Grandma helped start the Historical society. Their farm was mostly woods, several hundred acres, and a farm managed by my childhood friend, Charles Carter. Charles had a family in town that had allowed him to move to that farm when he was only a young teen to work for my distant Great Aunts who lived there. I knew him when I was a boy and he was in his 60ís. That land had been in our family since the 1800ís and we have many ancestors buried in Charlottesville, one of the more prominent being Jessie Lewis (and his wife). He was a Revolutionary soldier.

Hugh Maverick Haller says - December 15, 2009

In this painting my Grandfather is wearing his “Maverick belt”. That’s a silver buckle made in Mexico and every Maverick son got one when he turned 16. I still wear mine that Grandpa gave me in 1964.

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