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Extended caption for Image 157 (second photo)—[Ober-Ramstadt] “We had a bad situation develop there.  There were several other army outfits in the town, and nothing to do in the evening except go to the various beer halls.  One of the outfits was a group of truck drivers and they were all African-Americans.  Of course, we didn’t call them African-Americans at that time.  They had been in this town before we arrived and apparently had their own social contacts and there was some resentment that developed in one of the places of beer drinking and shooting broke out.  People were running and shooting.  Within minutes, one of our companies set up machine guns at intersections of that little town and had the place covered.  The black troops were living in a schoolhouse on top of a hill and one of our officers, a major, heroically walked up that hill with hands at his sides and asked them to cease and desist.  The battle was over.”


Bivouac near Darmstadt--Gus Pohland, Bob Moore; "The war was still going on in the Pacific so we had some army field exercises (bivouac). We considered it just another camping trip out in the Thuringen forest to keep us on our toes."


The radio section occupied the house at the right


Bn. C.P.


St. Gudule's Church


"Some of us got leave to go to Brussels. A truckload of us went to do that. We could go out on the town and see what was to be seen, eat in nice restaurants--Brussels had not been beat up during the war. We met some cute girls and had some nice meals--a little bit of civilization for a change."


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