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Windie Knowe



Visitor Comments:

Betty Potter Messbarger says - March 19, 2011

John Key was a 7th great grandfather. What a lovely home. He was described as being 6’6” tall, and queer looking, that his skin was red. I quote what I found written about him that queer just meant he looked different. My own father would never suntan, instead the elements turned his skin red. Now I wonder if he inherited this. I am about 5’4” and my husband was 5’8”, We had a son that was about 6’2” and his son is abt 6’6”. They can’t blame it on the milkman anymore.

Robert C. Key, Sr says - January 12, 2012

Very likley John Key was my great,great…...... grandfather. How do I find and visit Windie Knowe?

Jim Key says - March 01, 2012

John was my great…grandfather.  I drove by for the first time last week and wanted to intrude on the current owners but didn’t.  It was an awesome experience, but would love to visit sometime.

Jim Key says - March 01, 2012

My great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Key, was quite tall.  My brother, Albert Key is 6’2” with a very red complexion.  I understand the “queer” comment but to have to explain it as a defense is short sighted.  Why does it matter?

Christopher R Key says - March 18, 2012

John was also my 7th great grandfather.  I would be interested in knowing where this is.  As for the family qualities you all mentioned, my kin must have lost the height some time ago as most of us don’t break 5’7”

Elk Hill, Nelson County VA says - June 17, 2012

Edwin Burton Kyle owned Windie Knowe in the mid 20th Century. He married Marion Ewing and moved to Elk Hill in Nelson County. When he relocated, he brought with him four of the large historic boxwoods. These have continued to mature at their new home.

Robert Key says - December 18, 2013

Winde Knowe was built as a hunting lodge. Grandpa
built Key West as a residence.  It is still there on Key’s Church Rd. just south of Charlottesville.
It still serves as a private home.

Stewart Martin says - June 20, 2014

I have run across Tandy Martin Key several times in my research. My Great Grandfather’s name was Tandy Martin and we are trying to figure out where “Tandy” came from, because normally it comes out in honoring a family member, usually on the mother’s side.
There is also a connection with the Augusta/Edgefield/Martintown, SC geographical location.
Any ideas?!

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