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Melvin says - June 13, 2012

Those who advocate and build roads will argue that there is such thing as incedud demand that it’s latent demand but clearly when a new limited access road is built from an urbanized area to outlying regions it directs land-development. This is not theory. Any air photo of the interstate highways that go out from the urban areas have growth clustered around the exits and proximity. The same thing is going to happen to the Cville Bypass.  It will become the way to buy a home in the surburbs and get to/from work quickly until of course sprawling development eventually makes that road just like the urban interstates unusable for folks outside the region trying to travel through the region. The only way I see to keep that from happening is to make it a toll road. People trying to get through CVille will pay the toll gladly not to get tangled up in Cville traffic. People who want to move to the suburbs will not pay the toll on a daily basis or at least they’ll incorporate that cost into any gains they might get from moving to cheaper digs in the suburbs. The 197 million gives one a perspective into the cost if we allocated that cost to people that live in Cville and Albemarle. Perhaps 200K population. That’s about $1000 per capita that I doubt seriously few people in Cville or Arbemarle would agree to pay out of their own pockets so the state takes that money from other Virginians which is also the reason why most Virginian’s do not want to pay a higher gas tax they fear the money will go to other localities and not theirs and indeed it’s true.

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