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Image date: 1964


This is a black and white photograph of the “Charco-Burger” restaurant on West Main Street, across from 10th Street, in 1964.  Donated by Frank C. Hartman.

Text written on image:

The sign in front of the restaurant advertises a “New Low Price” of 19 cents per burger. 

Visitor Comments:

Gene Meeks says - April 26, 2010

I believe this is the site of a gas station that was made from an old railroad tanker car.

Mike Joachim says - October 09, 2010

The picture could not be from 1964, as the auto pictured is an early 1970s (1970, 1971, or 1972) Chevrolet Nova.

DPBush says - November 16, 2010

For years my dad and I had tried to remember the name of this restaurant.  Unfortunately, my dad passed in May.  I wish I could have told him I found the name.  They actually had good hamburgers there.

John Maddox says - September 04, 2011

This was taken from front door of Camera Center.  The Chevy Nova looks like the one belonging to Mrs Bea Taylor.  Wasn’t Rip Panyne’s studio located in the old brick building next door to Charco-Burger, which later became first location of Back-Alley Discs? (Or was that the old Holsinger studio?)

Obiri Mukami-Kamase says - September 15, 2011

The old charco burger restaurant was located exactly where the new rooselvelt brown blvd now exists, directly across from 10th st across main st. As a young tot in the 60s, i remember my family
going there to eat those charcoal broiled burgers. They sure tasted great back then and i am sure would give any burger joint today a run for its money.

Ben Heer says - September 16, 2011

Actually, that is a 1967 Chevrolet Nova.

Mike Joachim says - September 28, 2011

@ Ben Heer:

Actually, no.  1967 was the last year of the previous (Chevy II) body style.  Do a Google Image search for 1967 Nova and you’ll see what I mean.

Ben Heer says - October 24, 2011

OK, yeah definitely not ‘67, but probably a ‘68 due to it still has vent windows, and GM was doing away with them in 68-69.

Renee Parker says - October 30, 2011

The earliest that car could be is a 1969.  The front end is all wrong for anything older.  I’m thinking 1971.

Mike Joachim says - November 01, 2011

@ Ben Heer:

Novas had vent windows through the 1972 model year.  The “big-bumper” redesign for 1973 did away with them.

The Camaro (same platform as the 1968 and newer Nova) had vent windows in 1967, but Chevy did away with them in 1968.  This may be what you’re thinking of.

My 1971 Chevelle had vent windows.

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