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Civil War Veterans

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Image date: January 19, 1906


This is a black and white photograph the pictures a group of Confederate veterans on January 19, 1906. The men are being given Crosses of Honor by the Albemarle chapter U.D.C.

Text written on image:

Group of Confederate Veterans, 19th Jany. 1906.  Bestowal of Crosses of Honor by Albemarle Chapter U. D. C.

Centre—Hon. Claude A. Swanson, Governor Elect of Virginia.
1.  L. W. Cox, 2. J. W. King, 3. James King, 4. Jim Madison, 5. C. M. Louthan, 6. T. S. Jones, 7. M. Dinwiddie, 8. W. Dinwiddie, 9. J. Z. Holladay, 10. J. Y. Bragg, 11. F. C. Fitzhugh, 12. Sam Seiler, 13. A. Crow, 14. J. J. Wheeler, 15. R. C. Vandegrift, 16. W. C. Payne, 17. J. Bishop, 18. Micajah Woods, 19. J. C. Featherstone, 20. W. C. Webb, 21. Jas. Perley, 22. H. T. Nelson, 23. G. S. Webb, 24. W. Burnett, 25. O. F. Phillips, 26. G. W. Olivier, 27. Geo. Perkins, 28. Bose Estes, 29. J. W. Mallet, 30. (blank, unidentified), 31. Daniel Davis, 32. Frank Davis, 33. J. P. Jones, 34. John S. Hopkins, 35. G. M. Wallace, 36. J. Thurston, 37. W. E. Norris, 38. Lew Wood, 39. J. H. Porter, 40. T. J. Williams, 41. E. T. Jessup, 42. G. L. Petrie, 43. J. D. Watson, 44. J. Jarman, 45. A. G. Allegree, 46. Jim Poats, 47. E. G. Taylor, 48. J. Dolin, 49. H. C. Michie, 50. Nat Wood, 51. Pat Marshall, N. W. Wingfield, 53. Geo. B. Marshall, 54. M. W. Humphreys.

Visitor Comments:

Cookie White says - March 28, 2010

Are there any men with the last name of White or Garnett in this photo?

Ann Glennie, ACHS Administrative Assistant says - March 29, 2010

Ms. White,

Thank you for your comment.  Based on your request and others, I have posted the names in the information about this photograph.

Ann Glennie, ACHS Administrative Assistant

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