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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 71 2013

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Thomas Jefferson’s Travels along the Rhine, 1788 by Werner K. Sensbach

A Sunny Southerner or A Beautiful Alien? The Life and Writings of Julia Magruder by Margaret L. Freeman

Hollywood Comes to Howardsville: The making of Virginia (1941) by Joanne L. Yeck

Archaeology in Charlottesville: The Historic Residents of Lot 8 Rediscovered by Sara Morrow

MACH Vol. 71 Error
The article “Hollywood comes to Howardsville: the making of Virginia (1941)”, in volume 71 of the Magazine of Albemarle County History contains two errors. All references to Alan M. “Burns” should read instead “Bruns”; all references to “Bruce” Loving should read instead “Boyce”. We regret these errors and apologize for the incorrect citations for these important sources.