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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 22 1963-64 (Civil War Centennial Issue) PHOTOCOPY

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Preface 3
The Early Days of the War 7
Jackson’s Mechum’s River Maneuver 17
Stonewall Jackson’s Body Passes through Charlottesville 21
The Battle of Rio Hill, by John R. Brown 23
A Personal Encounter in the Rio Hill Battle, by Lt. William Nathaniel Wood 35
Sheridan’s Occupation of Charlottesville, by John R. Brown 37
John B. Minor’s Civil War Diary, edited by Anne Freudenberg and John Casteen 45
Sheridan’s Raid, An Account by Sarah A. G. Strickler, by Anne Freudenberg 57
General Custer at “Piedmont” 67
Col. John S. Mosby 79
General Lee and “Parson” Wilmer 85
The Charlottesville General Hospital - by Chalmers R. Gemmill 91
Midway Hospital: 1861-1863, Diary of Miss Clarke of South Carolina, edited by Chalmers R. Gemmill 161
Civil War Leaders Identified with Charlottesville and Albemarle County 191
Civil War Monuments in Charlottesville 207
Officers of Albemarle County Historical Society 211
Officers and Members of Civil War Centennial Committee 213

**Out of print, only photocopies available.