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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 53 1995

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“Youth and Memory”: The Death of Archer Christian and the Crusade to Reform College Football, by John S. Watterson 1
Baptist Education for Young Ladies in Charlottesville: The Beginnings, 1845-1871, by Robert Kulthau and Beulah O. 33
John Armstrong Chaloner’s “Movies for the Farmers”, by Roderick R. Ingram 59
The Charlottesville Woolen Mills: Working Life, Wartime, and the Walkout of 1918, by Andy Meyers 71
Notes and Documents
“A Just and True Account”: Two 1833 Parish Censuses of Albemarle County Free Blacks, Ervin L. Jordan, Jr. 115
Index 140

**Out of print, only photocopies available.