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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 55 1997

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Summer School, The Incubator for Women’s Reforms at Mr. Jefferson’s University, by Kay Peaslee 1
Evangelical Episcopalian Architecture: Christ Church, Charlottesville, by Anne E. Bruder
Slaves Without Masters? The Butler Family of Albemarle County, 1780-1860, by Kirt Von Daccke 39
The Gibbons Family: Freedmen, by Gayle M. Schulman 61
Monticello to Main Street: The Hemings Family and Charlottesville, by Lucia Stanton 95
Notes and Documents
FRAY’S MILL at Advance Mills, by Everette M. Huff 127
The Death of Archer Christian: Additional Sources and Documents, by John S. Watterson
Index 135