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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 66 2008

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The National Bank of Charlottesville, Va (No. 777) postcard image, J.P. Bell Co., Lynchburg, Va.  Collection of Steven Meeks Cover
Charlottesville Skyscrapers 1919-1929:  Ego, Imagination, and Modern Form in a Historic Landscape by Daniel Bluestone 1
Photographed by William Roads:  A Portrait of the Artist Through the Lens of His Work by Antoinette W. Roads 35
Photographed by W.P. Roads:  A Case of Double-Exposure 67
“Recollections of My Life—Especially During the War 1861-65—For My Children” Part II by Wilbur Fisk Davis, Edited with Introduction by R.E. Lee Scouten 73
“The Neighborhood in Which I Afterwards Lived and Married So Happily” 87
The McIntire Ash:  A Tribute 107
Index 109
Guidelines for Contributors 115