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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 01 1940-1941 PHOTOCOPY

Price: $5.00


Thomas Walker of Albemarle, by Natalie J. Disbrow 5
Echoes of the Moon Ghost, by Frances Moon Butts 19
Notes and Documents
A Postscript from Monticello, July 4, 1826, by the Editor 25
Reorganization of the Monticello Guard after the Civil War 31
Newspapers of Albemarle County, compiled by Glenn Curtis Smith 36
A Plan of 1861 to Preserve Civil War Materials 37
Historical News 40
Report of the Archivist, by Francis L. Berkeley, Jr. 45
Constitution 48
By-Laws 49
List of Members 50
Contributors 52

**Out of print, only photocopies available.