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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 02 1941-42

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Charlottesville in 1875, by W. W. Waddell 5
Piedmont Institute, by Mrs. Jennie Thornley Grayson 9
Some Old Albemarle Churches of West Hanover Presbytery, by Isabella Neff Burnet 17
Lebanon Church 19
Mountain Plain Church 22
Tabor Church 24
Scottsville Church 27
South Plains Church 29
Bethel Church 31
Rockfish Church 32
Appendix 35
A Dissertation on Education in the Form of a Letter from James Maury to Robert Jackson, July 17, 1762, edited by Helen Duprey Bullock 36
Historical News
Summary of the Society’s Meetings, 1941-42, by Charles E. Moran, Jr. 61
Other Items of Local or Wider Interest 62
Report of the Archivist, Francis L. Berkeley, Jr. 65
List of New Members 67
Contributors 68