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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 04 1943-44

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Peter Carr of Carr’s-Brook (1770-1815), by Elizabeth Dabney Coleman 5
Reminiscences of Charlottesville in the 1880’s, by James P. C. Southall 24
History of Albemarle Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, by Isabelle H. Goss
A Frenchman Visits Albemarle, 1816. The Journal of Baron de Montlezun, translated and edited by J. M. Carriere and L. G. Moffatt 39
Historical News
Summary of the Society’s Meetings, 1943-44, by Isabelle H. Goss 56
Other Items of Local or Wider Interest 57
Report of the Archivist, by Patricia Holbert Menk 60
Contributors 63
Professor and Mrs. James Mercer Garnett facing 35