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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 11 1950-51

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“Parson” John E. Massey, Relentless Readjuster. By Richard B. Doss 5
James Gaven Field, Populist Candidate for the Vice Presidency. By John H. Moore 19
Thomas Mann Randolph, Piedmont Plowman. By William H. Gaines, Jr. 37
Albemarle’s Support of the Claims of James Monroe, 1828-1829. By Newton B. Jones 45
Observations on Washington Society: Mrs. W. C. Rives, Miss Maria L. Gordon Letters, 1842. Edited by Raymond B. Clark, Jr. 53
Report of the Archivist, By Ruth Evelyn Byrd 63
Necrology, 1949-1950 63
Contributors 65
Thomas Mann Randolph’s Hillside Plow facing 40