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The Magazine of Albemarle County History, Vol. 05 1944-45 PHOTOCOPY

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The Albemarle County Court Order Book, 1744/45-1745/46, edited by Mary Rawlings, with an Introduction by Jack Dalton. 5
Ranger Mosby in Albemarle, by Virgil Carrington Jones 36
The First Personal Property Tax: List of Albemarle County; Historical Introduction, by Lester J. Cappon 47
“A List of Taxable Articles taken. . . by Magistrates appointed April 10th 1782, Together with the Amount of Tax Thereon” 49
The Albemarle Bookshelf
Betts, Thomas Jefferson’s Garden Book, 1766-1824, by Bernard Mayo 74
Parker, Local History: How to Gather It, Write It, and Publish It, by Atcheson L. Hench
Historical News
Summary of the Society’s Meetings, 1944-45, by Isabelle H. Goss 79
Other Items of Local or Wider Interest 80
Report of the Archivist, by Patricia Holbert Menk 83
Contributors 85
Albemarle County Courthouse as Restored in 1938 frontispiece
Order Book, Albemarle County Court, 1744/45-1748, page (1) facing page 16

**Out of print, only photocopies available.