Online Exhibit: G.I. with a Camera: Wartime Photographic Memoirs of Clarence M. McClymonds Exhibit

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In early 1945, about seven months after the D-Day invasion, Clarence McClymonds, a 19-year-old son of a mid-western Presbyterian minister, landed in Normandy, France. Assigned as a radio technician to the 1255th Engineer (Combat) Battalion, the young McClymonds, a camera buff since high school, quickly befriended other photographers in the company. Between them, using Army-issued and "liberated" cameras and darkroom equipment, McClymonds and his friends documented their wartime experiences in England, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium. The online exhibit includes the original pages as they were laid out and captioned by Mr. McClymonds, as well as the individual images, maps, chronology, and patches and insignia.

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