Manuscript Collection Catalog

Ancestry of Bates Block

This collection consists of genealogical charts compiled by Bates Block showing his descent from the Clark, Lewis, Meriwether, and Walker families of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia.

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Irene Ashworth Valentine Papers

This is the typescript memoir of Glimpses Back over 85 1/2 Years by Irene Ashworth Valentine, written 2 August 1982.  Valentine recollects her family’s history in Wise County, Virginia, her childhood and family life, her life and family in Charlottesville, and her travels.

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Algoma Log Book

The Algoma Log Book, written by Minnie Cox Graham over three summers, documents the visitors to Algoma and recorded the social activities of the young women and men of her acquaintance.

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Purvis Family

This is the Genealogy of the Purvis Family From the Year 1739 to 1870 written by George E. Purvis (1870) and added to by Alice Lee Simpson Oliver. It includes marriage records found in Amherst and Nelson County, Virginia. This manuscript also includes a copy of the Civil War Diary of Joseph Edward Purvis, 19th Virginia Regiment while prisoner of war at Fort Delaware in 1863.

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Travis Family

This is a bound typescript of The Travis Family: From England to Virginia to Tennessee, 1066-1981 by Helen June (Williams) Waterfield. Included is the Coles family of Enniscorthy in Albemarle County, Virginia.

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Charlottesville Lot 35

Legal analysis and actions by the Firm of Watson & Perkins for clients in the purchase of Lot 35 in Charlottesville, which was once owned by Nancy West and Eston Hemmings.

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