The heart of the University of Virginia Corner at the turn of the 20th century, looking east, just after the road had been dug out beneath the railroad tracks in 1901 to create the trestle bridge tunnel that is still in place today. Students took to calling this part of town “the Corner” around 1890, as it was literally a corner: where the main entrance to the University Grounds met the road down to Charlottesville. The name expanded by the 1930s and today “the Corner” refers to five commercial and residential blocks. On the left in this photo is the 1891 Anderson Brother’s Bookstore building, today the home of a CVS. On the right is the 1856 Temperance Hall which housed the University Bookstore, Post Office, and had rooms upstairs for student groups to gather: including the popular Sons of Temperance Society. Temperance Hall was razed in 1913 to make way for the Senff Gateway and the Eugene Bradbury-designed “Entrance Building” (Charlottesville’s first strip mall, today known as the “Corner building”), which was picked up and relocated down the hill to the east by the railroad tracks when the Medical School expanded in 1927.

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