Subject: African Americans

Description: A collection of materials about African American Communities in Virginia.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 104.2

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(01) Negro Housing in Certain Virginia Cities by Charles Louis Knight, M.S., 1927

(02) The Negro in Charlottesville and Albemarle County by Marjorie Felice Irwin, B.A., R.N., 1929.

(03) Red-Hill-Neighborhood Life and Race Relations in a Rural Section by William Lester Leap, 1933.

(04) Charlottesville – A Study of Negro Life and Personality by Helen Camp de Corse, 1933.

(05) Rural Land Ownership Among the Negroes of Virginia by Samuel T. Bitting, 1915.

(06) Local African American Veterans of World War I, from Various Sources, 2002.