• Albemarle County (Va.)--History
  • Greenwood (Va.)

Description: A collection of items from the Greenwood Community in Albemarle Co.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 57.1.C

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(01) Program: Memories of Greenwood School, 1921-1984, 7 May 1984.

(02) Program: 1974 Greenwood Arts and Crafts Fair.

(03) Broadside: Merry Christmas Market, Benefit Greenwood Community Center, 17 December 1969.

(04) Greenwood Telephone Directory, 1953-1954.

(05) Broadside: Arts and Crafts Fair, the Center, Greenwood, Virginia, 11-13 September [no year].

(06) Brochure: Greenwood Community Center, 1950-1960.

(07) Brochure: Neighborhood Fair, undated.