• Charlottesville Lumber Company (Charlottesville, Va.)
  • Contractors--Virginia

Description: A collection of items from Charlottesville Lumber Company.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 142.2

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(01) Booklet: The Housing Guild: What it is and how it helps you, undated.
(02) Broadside: Insulation, undated.
(03) Broadside: Let’s Clean Up for Spring!, undated.
(04) Broadside: Strange Little Word: Home, undated.
(05) Broadside: Storm Sash, undated.
(06) Brochure: Storm Sash, undated.
(07) Brochure: Insulation, undated.
(08) Broadside: Home Clinic Free Consultation, undated.
(09) Brochure: Beautiful New Siding, undated.
(10) Broadside: Does your house belong to the days?, undated.
(11) Broadside: Advertising their services, [1939].
(12) Broadside: Your Home, [Spring 1939].
(13) Brochure: Advertisement and reply card for book, How to modernize and make it pay, undated.
(14) Broadside: How About the Rising Costs of Building and Remodeling, undated.
(15) Broadside: Fall Modernization with FHA, [September 1940].
(16) Brochure: Johns-Manville Bric-Side Asphalt Shingles, [September 1940].
(17) Broadside: Give yourself a modern home, [October 1940].
(18) Brochure: Now you can fix up your home without ready cash, undated.
(19) Broadside: New roofing services, [January 1941].
(20) Brochure: Johns-Manville Asbestos Shingles, undated.
(21) Brochure: Johns-Manville Dutch Lap Asbestos Shingles, undated.
(22) Broadside: How to Modernize and Make it Pay, [February 1941].
(23) Brochure: Insulation, undated.
(24) Brochure: Paint-up specials, [May 1941]
(25) Broadside: Information on FHA-Title I. loans for home improvement, [August 1941].
(26) Brochure: Johns-Manville Decorative Insulating Board, undated.
(27) Broadside: Something worth thinking about, [September 1941].
(28) Broadside: Roofing, [October 1941].
(29) Broadside: Do you know – (and knowing means dollars to you), [November 1941].
(30) Broadside: Home repairs and maintenance during WWII, undated.
(31) Broadside: Shall We Throw Christmas Away?, [1944].