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A collection of campaign literature for the US Senate candidates.


Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 52.5

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(01) Byrd for Senate Committee, 8 July 1952.

(02) Brochure: Re-elect Harry F. Byrd, 15 July 1952.

(03) Postcard: Vote Byrd in Democratic Primary, 15 July 1952.

(04) Broadside: Find out where Harry F. Byrd, Jr. stands on the things you care about, Mammoth Rally, 27 October [no year].

(05) Brochure: Byrd of Virginia, You know what he stands for, 3 November 1970.

(06) Faculty Friends of Boothe, 31 May 1966.

(07) Newsletter: U.S. Senator John Warner Reports to You, Fall 1985.

(08) Postcard: U.S. Senator Paul Trible Listens to Virginia, 16 October [no year].

(09) Postcard: Please Join U.S. Senator George Allen for a Dutch Treat Breakfast, 20 August 2004.

(10) Broadside: Ten Facts You Should Know About George C. Rawlings, Jr., undated.

(11) Invitation: Fall Harvest of Colors, Blue Ridge Picnic honoring Maurice Dawkins, Candidate, U.S. Senate, 16 October 1988.