Subject: Elections--Virginia

Description: A collection of campaign literature for Virginia offices.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 52.3

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(01) Letter: Sen. J. Harry Michael, Jr., Del. Danny Van Clief and Del. Thomas J. Michie, Jr., November [no year].

(02) Letter: J. Harry Michael, Jr., Senator, Thomas J. Michie, Jr., Delegate, and James B. Murray, Delegate, 10 October 1975.

(03) Letter: Senator J. Harry Michael, Jr., Delegate Thomas J. Michie, Jr., Delegate James B. Murray, 6 November [no year].

(04) Letter: William O. Lewis, Chairman, 11 July [no year].

(05) Brochure: Return Our Best to Richmond, 4 November [no year].

(06) Brochure: Re-elect Michie, Michael, Murray – A Winning Team, undated.

(07) Brochure: Your Ticket for a Forward Virginia – T. Munford Boyd, 11 July 1961.

(08) Brochure: Vote the Democratic Ticket, 8 November 2005.

(09) Card: 2005 Albemarle County Republican Nominees and Endorsed Candidates.