Subject: Art galleries, commercial--Virginia--Charlottesville

Description: A collection of materials from Second Street Gallery.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 109.2.G

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(1) Brochure: Membership form of galley offerings, 1973-74 Season.

(2) Invitation: New York Art Excursion, 9-13 May [no year].

(3) Invitation: Fifteen artists’ paintings, 16 October -12 November [no year].

(4) Invitation: Hartwell Priest paintings & prints, 13 February -17 March [no year].

(5) Invitation: Raymond Twiddy, 1 December-7 February [no year].

(6) Invitation: Alison Helms Rene Gower, 3-25 October [no year].

(7) Invitation: Screen prints and paper pieces by multiple artists 17 September-13 October [no year].

(8) Invitation: Gary Sharkman landscapes, 12 March-13 April [no year].

(9) Invitation: Young Writers, Future Authors Award Ceremony, 11 May [no year].

(10) Invitation: Richmond Weavers’ Co-op, 8 January-3 February [no year].

(11) Invitation: Roselind Schroeder film, undated.

(12) Invitation: Paul Martick Paintings, 20 November-24 December [no year].

(13) Invitation: Barbara Layne Installation, 6 February-1 March [no year].

(14) Brochure: Membership form, undated.

(15) Invitation: Robert Reed, 5-28 February [no year].

(16) Invitation: Multiple Artists, 4-27 March [no year].

(17) Invitation: Small, Affordable Works, 25 November-22 December [no year].

(18) Brochure: Membership form, [20 December 1986].