• Revolutionary War, 1775-1783
  • Soldiers

Description: Materials related to the American Revolution in Albemarle County and Charlottesville.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 21.1

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Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(01) Distinguished Men of Albemarle and Orange of the Colonial and Civil War Period, by C. B. Linney, 1928.

(02) The Hessian Prisoners in the American War of Independence and their Life in Captivity by M. H. Volm, 1937.

(03) Virginia Negro Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War by Luther Porter Jackson, 1944.

(04) Virginia’s Unsung Victory in the Revolution by Alfred Percy, 1965.

(05) Captain Jack Jouett, Junior; American Revolutionary War Hero, 1754-1822 by Virginius Dabney, 1966.

(06) A Chronology of Virginia and the War of Independence, 1763-1783 by John E. Selby, 1973.

(07) Empty

(08) Heroines of the American Revolution by David James Harkness, 1961.

(09) Magazine: Special 1776 Issue of Time Magazine.

(10) Program: Dedication of Marker for Convention Troops Burial Site, 17 April 1983.

(11) Untitled poem, undated.

(12) “Hessian Graveyard: Finding Graves by Dowsing,” by Dr. Robert Humphris, in the American Dowser, volume 21, number 2, May 1981.