Subject: World War II, 1939-1945

Description: A collection of items related to World War II in the Charlottesville area.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 21.5

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(1) Outline: Incendiary Bombs and Chemical Agents Used in Warfare, prepared by Clayton H. Steed, undated, 6 pages.

(2) Protection Against Gas, undated, 8 pages.

(3) Manual for Civilian Defense, compliments of Wood, Vest and Co., Inc.

(4) United States Official V-Mail Envelope and Letter, package of 20.

(5) A Handbook for Air Raids Wardens, United States Office of Civilian Defense, 1941.

(6) Albemarle County Civilian Defense Corps, General Instructions No. 3, 30 January 1942, 7 pages.

(7) Letter: Polly P. McGavock, Captain, Red Cross Motor Corps. to Mrs. George Gilmer, 15 May 1943. Includes envelope.

(8) Postcard: Red Cross Motor Corps., Please fill out and return immediately, undated.

(9) Brochure: Festung Ehrenbreitstein, The Fighting 69th Infantry Division, 1945.

(10) Food Ration Certificate, 31 March 1944.