Subject: Dance--Virginia--Charlottesville

Description: A collection of items from dance and ballet companies in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 23.30

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(01) Broadside: Billroy’s Comedians Tent Theatre, 9 May [no year].
(02) Broadside: Albemarle Chapter Country Dance and Song Society of America, Fall 1976 Schedule.
(03) Broadside: Albemarle Chapter Country Dance and Song Society of America, Winter, Spring 1977 Schedule.
(04) Broadside: Kitty Archer Dance Studio, 1965.
(05) Letter: Charlottesville Civic Ballet Company, 15 June 1960.
(06) Letter: Charlottesville Civic Ballet Company, 26 December 1960.
(07) Program: Charlottesville Civic Ballet Company First Anniversary Performance, 6-7 January 1961.
(08) Program: Charlottesville Civic Ballet Company, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 20 May 1967.
(09) Program: The Charlottesville Dance Company, Dances, A Winter Concert, 8-10 December [n year].
(10) Brochure: Elisabeth’s Studio of Dancing, September 1950.
(11) Halloween Queens Ball, The Studio, Fry’s Spring, 31 October 1936.
(12) Brochure: Lillian Trabue Lindsey Dance Arts Studio, undated.
(13) German Dance to be given by the Ivy German Club at Ivy Hall, December 1899.
(14) Program: Lilliam Lindsey Studio of the Dance Arts Presents La Boutique Fantasque, 3 June 1946.
(15) Brochure: The Redland School of Dancing, The Studio Fry’s Spring 11th Session, 1935-1936.
(16) Program: “Make Believe Land Review” presented by the Redland School of Dancing, Benefit Recreation Department, 22 Ma7 1953.
(17) Program: Miki Liszt Dance Company presents Maria Benitez Spanish Dance Company 22 October 1990.
(18) Broadside: Two days of Morris Dance Performances featuring local dance teams and their guests, 3=4 November [no year].
(19) Virginia Reelers Square Dance Club, Constitution, schedule and member information, 1952-1953.
(20) Program: The Virginia Reelers present the Virginia Folk Festival, 2 April 1955.
(21) Brochure: 1955 Virginia Folk Festival,1955.
(22) Brochure: The 4th Annual Virginia Square Dance Festival, 19 April 1958.
(23) Broadside: Everyone is welcome to Come and Enjoy America’s Dancing Heritage.
924) Brochure: Virginia Reelers Charlottesville Membership List, 1978-79.