Subject: University of Virginia

Description: A collection of materials on Jefferson's Rotunda.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 15.4.A

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(1) The Burning of the Rotunda by Morgan Poitiaux Robinson, 1921.
(2) Brochure: The Rotunda at the University of Virginia, undated.
(3) Rotunda Fire by Jean Bruns in Richmond Times Dispatch, 13 October 1955.
(4) Mr. Jefferson’s Rotunda: A Return to the Original by Elizabeth Wilkerson in UVA Alumni News, January-February 1976.
(5) Postcard: The Rotunda, undated.
(6) Mr. Jefferson’s Rotunda: Myths and Realities by Francis L. Berkeley, Jr. in UVA Alumni News, July-August 1976.
(7) Broadside: The Rotunda, March 1939.
(8) “Arise and Build!”: a centennial commemoration of the 1895 Rotunda fire, 1995.
(9) The Fire of 1895, [2015].
(10) Drawing: The Rotunda by M. Paul Roche, undated.
(11) Map: Grounds of the University of Virginia, 1964.