Subject: University of Virginia

Description: A collection of items related to the Lawn and University of Virginia grounds.

Type: Collection

Identifier: PA 15.4B

Rights: copyright not evaluated

Location: Archive Room File Cabinet


(1) Invitation: Restored East Lawn Gardens, 4 May 1965.
(2) Invitation: Garden party, 4 May 1965.
(3) Drawing: Pavilion X on the Lawn by Bulent Alabey, October 1978.
(4) Brochure: University of Virginia Walking Tour, 1975.
(5) Brochure: Visitor’s Guide to the Academical Village and Gardens, 2010.
(6) Booklet: Presentation of the Restored East Lawn Gardens, 1965. Inscribed by J. L. Vaughn, 4 May 1965.
(7) Brochure: Buildings and Ground – Plan Designed by Th. Jefferson, 1965.
(8) Brochure: Pavilion Gardens, University of Virginia, 1993.
(9) Booklet: A Brief Guide to the Lawn and the Ranges, University of Virginia, undated.
(10) Brochure: University of Virginia, Buildings and Ground-Plan, undated.
(11) Invitation: Lighting of the Lawn, 30 November 2017.
(12) Report: of Structural Investigation relating to balcony collapse, Pavilion Number One, 1 August 1997.
(13) Booklet: Edgar Poe and Room 13, West Range, undated.
(14) Brochure: Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village: the Creation of an Architectural Masterpiece, undated.
(15) Drawing: The Graduate House by M. Paul Roche.
(16) Drawing: Serpentine Walls on Poe Alley by M. Paul Roche.
(17) Drawing: West Range and Jefferson Hall by M. Paul Roche.